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Our business coaching delivers a variety of services to the small business community. Although you may feel that your problems are unique to your business, there are many CEOs that have experienced similar difficulties. To assist CEOs and company owners with these difficulties that come in running a business, our CEO groups provide a forum of owners to discuss key business issues.

Peer Group Meetings

Once a month, each of our small groups (up to 14 CEO Focus Members) meet to discuss their own pertinent business issues. Typically, one member presents their company profile and key issues that they face to other members of their peer group for input.

In addition to the camaraderie experienced with other members, you can beneit by being coached in thinking like an outside board director, thus developing more strategic, analytical and process-driven business practices. Our average membership longevity is well over four years nationally - twice the industry average. This demonstrates the long-terrm value of our programs.

Is Your Business Optimized?

  • From the perspective of your customers, employees, vendors and banker, are you, as the CEO or business owner, "most desirable and satisfactory" to work with?
  • Is your business running optimally?
  • Is the culture of your business such that employees perform optimally?
  • Do you have a workable written strategic plan to grow or sustain your business?
  • Do you have an exit plan that will allow you to live optimally in the next phase of your life?
  • Do you have optimal profits?
  • Do you create an annual business plan?
  • Do you spend more than 50% of your time working tactically in the business and/or managing people and putting out fires?
  • Do you have work and life balance?
  • Optimal CEO is a national membership organization serving blue collar, grey collar, green collar and white collar small businesses owners with practical, proven, down-to-earth business solutions. Optimal CEO is dedicated to helping CEOs and business owners live and work in a "most desirable and satisfactory way.

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Contact Info

CEO Focus - Denver, Colorado
Address - PO BOX 372051
City/State - Denver, CO, 80237
Telephone - 720.373.3777
Email - duanereed@ceofocus.com

Our Start

The organization now known as CEO Focus was formed in 2001. Starting with a single group in Indianapolis, the organization has grown to over twenty five cities in North America.