Bio - Duane Reed

Duane Reed, a nationally recognized trainer, consultant, coach and author. Duane brings 25 years of business ownership experience and is the co-author of "A Guide to Getting It: Remarkable Management Skills-. In addition to vast real world business experience Duane has developed and facilitated trainings for NASA, US Army Recruiters and hundreds of companies ranging from Fortune 20 to small businesses. Duane conservatively estimates he has consulted or trained over 4,000 organizations and some 150,000 individual employees, managers, executives and business owners in over 120 different industries.

Duane's areas of consulting, coaching and training expertise include: Small Business Sustainability Executive Leadership, Communication and Interaction Skills. Team Trust Building, Improving Teamwork, Culture Management. Strategic & Tactical Planning, Employee Training / Development, Time-Management, Motivation / Productivity, Sales. Marketing, Branding and Customer Service Improvement, and Improving Life/ Work Balance.

Additional Services

  • While the coaching platform of CEO Focus is peer group (mastermind) facilitation, he also works with company owners/senior managers individually on specific issues.
  • Strategic planning
  • Developing business plans for presentations to banks or potential buyers of the organization.
  • Interim management support.
  • Sales management & training.

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Contact Info

CEO Focus - Denver, Colorado
Address - PO BOX 372051
City/State - Denver, CO, 80237
Telephone - 720.373.3777
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Our Start

The organization now known as CEO Focus was formed in 2001. Starting with a single group in Indianapolis, the organization has grown to over twenty five cities in North America.